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Ellis IP is pleased to be joined by Lorne Byatt as an associate consultant for the Intellectual Assets Centre.  Lorne will, as an Ellis IP consultant, assist in the delivery of Intellectual Assets Centre consultancy services.

Lorne is an IP lawyer with strong sector experience in relation to Software, Medical Devices, and Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency. He has worked as in-house lawyer for Acorn Computers (hardware, software, IT), Atlantic Drilling (engineering, energy) and Voxar (medical imaging, software) and has extensive experience in private practice with three highly regarded Edinburgh law firms.

Lorne's particular focus is in assisting with IP commercialisation, especially in the renewable and sustainable energy technology, medical device and software fields. As well as operating as an associate with Ellis IP, Lorne continues to develop his IP Commercialisation activities as IP Angles (www.ip-angles.com).


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