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Intangible assets are at the heart of many a successful business in the Food & Drink and Tourism sectors in particular.  As consumers we all are very aware of examples of excellent or poor customer service and the effect that has on our future choices and are willing to reccommend a good experience to friends and colleagues. Although it is rarely expressed as such, much of what goes into creating a positive experience and in these sectors a successful business are the underlying intangible assets of the company or organisation.  (Download a factsheet here).

In this sector specific programme on behalf of the Intellectual Assets Centre, Ellis IP and AB Associates will be assisting companies and organisations across Scotland to understand the intellectual assets that they possess or ought to possess and how they can manage and better deliver value from those assets to become a more successful organisation.  The programme will be delivered at no charge to the participants through a mixture of events and one-to-one consultancies.

If your organisation would be interested in benefiting from this programme, please contact us or sign up on the IA Centre website.  If you are hosting an event in these sectors and wish to have a speaker or workshop on the topic or even IA-clinics, please contact us.


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